How Shop Updates Work

  • Shop updates are held every other month. The store stays open for the weekend/ 48 hours. For example, the last update opened 1/13 @12pm EST and closed on 1/15 @12pm EST. The next shop update will be mid March, the date is announced on Instagram. 

  • Shop updates are mostly pre-order items. A small selection of designs (2-5 designs) are offered based on demand. The line-up is announced on Instagram 1-2 weeks prior. There will be a Catalog tab curated for the current line-up ie "January Shop Update." 

  • Only designs with demand are re-printed. Not all shirt designs are offered regularly. Ex: Min Yoongi's Fruit Farm shirt is the oldest design, so it is offered occasionally. Some designs are retired completely. 

  • All sizes will be in stock for pre-order items. Long sleeve tees go up to 3XL. Tanks/crops and joggers go up to 2XL. All other items range from S-4XL.

  • If you see an item with limited availability (ie only has size M and XL) that is an "in-stock" item which is extra inventory from a previous update. They can be purchased at anytime, so they may be featured under the "Shop Update" tab.

  • Pre-order estimated processing is 4-6 weeks. Can be much sooner, this is just a worst case conservative estimate! Please make sure to familiarize yourself with size charts, care instructions, FAQ, and shipping policy.

  • In between shop updates, there is a small "In-Stock" listing. This is extra inventory from the previous shop update. Only the more popular sizes and designs are offered, so sizing cannot be guaranteed. Any "In-Stock" announcements will be on Instagram first.