You can shop in-stocks on Etsy here

If there is an in stock item on that you would like moved to Etsy for purchase, please contact us here.

If you would like something from a shop update (pre-order) follow the steps below:

1. Fill out a form (NOW CLOSED)

  • Please make sure to include product name, color if multiple are offered, size, and quantity.
  • EX - "Fruit Farm shirt, ivory, 2XL (1)
  • Once you submit, you are all set! 

2. After 4-6 weeks, you will be notified via email that your items are available to purchase on Etsy. 

  • The email will contain a link to the stocked Etsy shop
  • You are not held to the order, but please do not purchase more than indicated in your submission.
  • Stock will not be guaranteed
  • BSC is not responsible for VAT, customs or import fees
  • We are not currently shipping to Germany due to the packaging act, please check IG for updates on Germany GOs.